Herb Infused Salts

HerbSalt by Coryanne Ettiene

Salt…  I can’t get enough of this magical element.  It would seem that in middle age my blood pressure is getting lower and lower (wait, was that an over share?) and with this lovely fact of life, comes the advice from my doctor to embrace salt.  Wise?  Who am I to question, because frankly I […]

Infused Vodka for tipsy holiday cheer


Everyone at my table is chatting about cookie exchanges, mince pies and holiday cakes.  While they banter on about the sugar lips that their neighbours will be licking this holidays season, I am still struggling with my baking skills, fretting that any baked treat  that I might whip up from scratch will poison a loved […]

How to make a bow topper

Coryanne live on-air demonstrating bow making on eHow

Little can be said about my crafting ability — I have plenty of ideas but when it comes to putting them into place, my efforts resemble that of a 6 year old rather than the ability of a skilled professional.  As a sorority girl I had plenty of crafting support, and could wield a glue […]