Farm House Skillet Recipe


Brinner…it is a winner.  At least in my house, but I am always looking for ways to move the sweet of the menu and get my kitchen table crowd excited about savory dishes made with my grandmother’s cast iron skillet.  When we landed in the US she handed down her collection of cast iron skillets, […]

Cognac Butter and the magic of Christmas


Next to Herodotus, my grandmother is my favorite story teller.  It is my greatest regret that I have not spent my life writing down her view of the world through the sights, sounds and smells of the kitchen, and my one saving grace that I am able to  share little glimpses of her view of […]

Crispy Quinoa Bites


By Special Contributor Amie Valpone  |   The Healthy Apple   Quinoa and black rice are a classic pairing in this Crispy Quinoa Bites recipe.  The trick is to get the right mix of sweet and savory flavors from fresh basil and cherry tomatoes. These bites are just as delicious when made ahead and reheated, so […]