Vanilla Nutella Sandwich Cake

Nutella Vanilla Cake by Coryanne Ettiene

Motherhood, like childhood, goes by in a flash.  One moment you are folding teeny tiny onesies for a newborn, and the next, you are watching that baby dance around the room excited for another birthday while he folds his own t-shirts… then it hits you, that deep dark guilt that gnaws at you for not […]

Baked Raspberry Oatmeal Crisp

Baked Raspberry Oatmeal Crisp by Coryanne Ettiene

September is better breakfast month…..  in our house, September is better everything because we slowly ease back into a routine thanks to the cooler weather and the tasks that life hands us as we venture back to school.  Meals become clock work rather than a tickle of grazing and light meals, the kitchen buzzes with […]

Banana Split Granola Recipe

Banana Split Granola by Coryanne Ettiene

I love this time of year… The end of August is always a hive of activity in our kitchen because summer fades into fall, the children dash off to school with amazing lunch boxes packed with care, and  I drink champers like there is no tomorrow while celebrating my birthday.  In other words, pears become […]