5 Things to do in your kitchen this winter

Photo Courtesy of West Elm & Cultivate.com

The winter kitchen is more than hearty stews and roasts, and while the aroma of a slow cooker simmering on the counter top practically beckons you into the kitchen on a cold frosty day, design is just as integral to creating a fabulous winter kitchen.  As I walk across my cold slate kitchen floor, I […]

Holiday Salt Dough

Salt Dough Tutorial by @coryanneettiene

Salt dough and holiday festivities go hand in hand in our family, it is a tradition that started with my mother and that I am whole heartedly passing down to my children….  it is the one time where I toss out my crafting insecurities and embrace what garish ornament I manage to create because I […]

February is…


The slumber of winter hibernation is wearing thin on most of us, and with so much weighing on what Mr. Groundhog has to say this month, we are all in need of a hint of the Spring that awaits us at the end of this long winter.  This February I will be taking advantage of […]