Fall Kitchen Check List


I adore autumn.  Oh let me count the ways…  caramel dipped apples, falling leaves, tall boots, foggy mornings, hot cups of tea, hearty stews, pumpkins on door steps, and stove tops simmer with any number of savory delights…..  Frankly I could bore you to death with my love note to Fall, it is the season that […]

10 Spring Kitchen Crafts

Spring kitchen crafts by @CoryanneEttiene

I am anything but crafty…or so I have been telling myself for years.  But it would appear that despite my many rumblings of being an anti-crafter, I have a secret love of creating, especially when it involves adding a dose of spring to a winter than seems to linger like a bad hangover.  So allow […]

5 Things to do in your kitchen this winter

Photo Courtesy of West Elm & Cultivate.com

The winter kitchen is more than hearty stews and roasts, and while the aroma of a slow cooker simmering on the counter top practically beckons you into the kitchen on a cold frosty day, design is just as integral to creating a fabulous winter kitchen.  As I walk across my cold slate kitchen floor, I […]