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Kitchen Spring Cleaning Projects


Ship shape and Bristol fashion my darlings!  Spring is in the air, and before you race outside to soak up all that glorious spring weather, bring a little of that spring freshness indoors with a few of my favorite 5 minute weekend projects that I have been sharing on Instagram.        

What to clean & when to clean it


There is a lady buzzing around (do Fly Ladies buzz…hmm?) reminding everyone to go to bed with a clean sink and to put their shoes on every morning.  This is great advice, especially the part about the kitchen sink, as anyone who has woken to a kitchen hangover knows.   One of the most common […]

Home Hangover Cure


The long days of winter, the slumber of hibernation and the ever increasing feeling of cabin fever can play tricks on your motivation to keep things clean and orderly….hence the near hysteria most of us feel when that fist ray of spring sunshine peaks through the window and we suddenly gasp in horror when we […]