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Simple Handmade Monster Doll

DIY Monster Doll by Coryane Ettiene

As long as I can remember I’ve gone in and out of sewing little treasures.  I dare say, I’ve sewn nothing that requires a pattern… that would be too much like hard work, which is why I stick with the basics like hand sewn dolls, and the usual suspects like aprons, pillows and bunting. Everything […]

How to stock your pantry like a pro

How to stock your pantry by Coryanne Ettiene

We all have those days when menu planning gets overlooked, the trip to the shops gets pushed aside and you find yourself facing a hungry family to feed at 5 o’clock on a Wednesday. I’ve been there more times than I care to share, I think I have something, and then at the last minute, […]

5 upcycle projects for spring planting

Succulant planting by Coryanne Ettiene

Upcycle is the new repurpose, or the new recycle depending on who you are getting your shabby chic design tips from.  Either way, I love repurposing old things and using them as planters.  With spring just around the corner, I’m trying out all my repurposed treasures that I have been hoarding and giving them a […]