Fall Bunting

No Sew Fall Bunting by Coryanne Ettiene

Every now and then I catch myself on the porch and think “life is amazing”….  because when you stop and look around you, it really is.  I’m not talking about the amazing feeling that comes with having a spare million dollars in your bank account, and a trip to Aruba in your calendar kind of […]

Raising Chickens Organically

Raising Chickens Organically with Coryanne Ettiene

It would seem that the latest accessory in home kitchens is farm fresh eggs, and for the last 3 years I have yearned to hold one in my hands and experience the joy that comes from a freshly laid egg collected right from our backyard.  I always thought we would have hens that would perch […]

Backyard glamping made easy

Backyard Glamping by Coryanne Ettiene

Truth be told, I have only camped twice in my life.  The first time was in my 20s at the Grand Canyon where I counted the hours until sunrise when I could get in my car and drive home; and the second when I was a new bride traveling across Morocco where everything was rose […]