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How to shop at a farmers market

How to shop at a farmers market by Coryanne Ettiene

I’ve always been a fan of farmers markets. There is a certain intoxication associated with stalls of fresh seasonal produce and handmade products.  With over 10k farmers markets dotted across the US, America is quickly building a relationship with local, season food.  I’ve shopped at markets in all over the globe, and have always been […]

How to dry, paint and preserve fresh acorns

Hand Panted Acorns by Coryanne Ettiene

I’m a tad squirrely when it comes to decorating this Fall thanks to the dozen or so huge Oak trees within arms reach of our house.  The sky is literally falling; I can’t go 2 feet without stepping on either a fallen Oak Nut or Pecan … the squirrels have all but devoured every possible Pecan, […]

Fall Bunting

No Sew Fall Bunting by Coryanne Ettiene

Every now and then I catch myself on the porch and think “life is amazing”….  because when you stop and look around you, it really is.  I’m not talking about the amazing feeling that comes with having a spare million dollars in your bank account, and a trip to Aruba in your calendar kind of […]