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St. Patrick’s Day Golden Party Tricks

Golden Shamrock Popcorn bags by Coryanne Ettiene

Green, glorious green.  One of my favorite colors, but to quite honest, I am tired of seeing it be the only option for St. Patrick’s Day.  Gold, now that’s the ticket, even Willy Wonka knows it.  Glossy, frosted, shimmery, illuminating gold for that sparkle to bring your St. Patrick’s Day celebration into the modern age with a dash […]

Two Fresh Spring Cocktail Recipes

Photo Credit:  Copyright 2012 Beja B Photography LLC

I love my job.  It is true that if you do what you love, you will love what you do, and this past week I sang this song over and over again while hosting the California Giant Fresh Berries Spring Entertaining Bootcamp at GE Monogram for the Urban Girls Squad in New York City.  I spent […]

Spring Entertaining Made Simple


Hosting a party is like public speaking, you either thrive on the stress and dive into to every detail with enthusiasm, or you shirk away from it, only to embark on entertaining with anxiety and doubt.  And then of course there are those that reside in the middle, confident in some aspects and reluctant on […]