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How to host a baking party


Exactly one year ago this month I put on my big girl pants and tossed out all my instant cake boxes…I was going to learn to bake if it killed me.  I am anything but a rule follower, so baking and I never really got along for the simple reason that I loathed the idea […]

5 Tips for stocking a family bar

Thanksgiving BarTips by Coryanne Ettiene

If you know me, you know that I will plan my holiday bar as well as I plan my holiday dinner.  But for some of us, hours of menu planning frequently go into delivering the perfect Thanksgiving dinner and stocking the family bar is a last minute shuffle that is done the night before.   […]

A Picture Perfect Anniversary Celebration

by @coryanneettiene

I am a hopeless romantic, to say that I am in love with love is an understatement.  I weep at sappy commercials, cry at weddings and feel my heart tug when I see old married couples holding hands like youthful teenagers….so it is only fitting that when Celebrations asked me to put together a picture […]