10 tips for hosting your first Thanksgiving


There are few things more stressful that hosting your fist Thanksgiving, especially when there is just one oven, and so many hours in the day.  I remember my mother getting up at 6am to start cooking the turkey and then spending then next 6 hours cooking, baking, and setting the table, all the while trying […]

Thanksgiving Table Tactics


Compared to many families made popular on reality TV, my family is dull, dry and lacks the gusto to make for captivated viewing…  but I adore them nonetheless and find comfort in the fact that the biggest drama we have hosted on Thanksgiving is when the dog ran away with the turkey, or the one […]

A picnic with Johnny Appleseed

johnny appleseed-22 copy

KLC Contributor Paula Briggs  |  Frog Prince Paperie & Festivities Magazine September is a month for apples. The harvests are in, and we get to enjoy all things apple once again! There is no other person so tied to the apple as Johnny Appleseed—a very eccentric man, but great nonetheless. It’s total truth he wore […]