Feasting for lovers & an #ApothicWhite chili peach sangria recipe

Apothic White Sangria By Coryanne Ettiene

Fourteen years ago I met a man in a fairytale that only Hollywood could script.  Like every great romance, we started off like a cosmic boom where romance ran wild and time stood still, then came the baby carriages, the school bells and the endless list of mundane tasks that took that love sick couple […]

St. Patrick’s Day Golden Party Tricks

Golden Shamrock Popcorn bags by Coryanne Ettiene

Green, glorious green.  One of my favorite colors, but to quite honest, I am tired of seeing it be the only option for St. Patrick’s Day.  Gold, now that’s the ticket, even Willy Wonka knows it.  Glossy, frosted, shimmery, illuminating gold for that sparkle to bring your St. Patrick’s Day celebration into the modern age with a dash […]

3 Dips every game day needs for a winning spread

CherryChipolteBBQSauce by Coryanne Ettiene

It seems almost unfair that we make all these promises to eat healthy for 2014 and then, just as soon as the   words are out of our mouth, we start planning a fabulous game day party.  I always find myself torn between staying true to my resolutions, and feasting on guilty pleasures while I […]

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