Bake, chill, serve party inspired by #CWColor

#CWColor by Coryanne Ettiene

We have been living our Dallas life for exactly 15 days now and it feels like we have known our neighbors forever.  In the space of 2 weeks we have attended 4 parties, and hosted 2 impromptu “porch drinks”…one that happened by chance at 11pm last Friday night. Unpacking has taken a backseat to all […]

4th of July #UScranberries Sangria

US Cranberries Sorbet Sangria By Coryanne Ettiene

As I write this we have just driven across Washington, Idaho, Montana, Utah and Arizona and are feeling especially proud to call the USA our home– It is amazing how beautiful both the country and the people are.  This year when we tie on our American flags to celebrate the 4th of July, we do […]

5 tips for a sizzling summer party

Summer Parties that Sizzle by Coryanne Ettiene

I remember those festive parties from years long ago when the biggest element of planning was how much booze to have on hand and if our tiny London flat was big enough to hold everyone invited.  Now, a party at our house is focused on keeping the children entertained so the grown-ups can let their […]