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How to make simple syrups

How to make Simple Syrup by Coryanne Ettiene

Sometimes I like to get fancy, especially when the process of getting fancy takes so little effort.  Nothing is as fancy as an infused simple syrup, and trust me when I say, nothing can be more simple.  Hence the name, simple syrup.  I generally make a batch of a few flavors and store them in […]

Healthy Snacking

Healthy Snacking by Coryanne Ettiene

With so many New Year Resolutions going around, the one that I hear more frequently is to eat healthier…especially when all you need is a quick tide me over until dinner, or in my case at 1opm when I just need a little something something before I tuck myself in for the night.  I’m the […]

Christmas Sugar Cookies

Box Nine Magazine Cookie Fries By Sam Henderson

Whoever said “no one likes a know it all” never met a Cookie Guru.  Everyone should have Cookie Guru in their email signature and leave a trail of sugar lips in their wake. Cookies blanket your home with the aroma of love, turn dull moments into cherished memories and make fast friends out of strangers.  Cookie Guru’s make the world a […]