Cascarones for Easter

March, 2015 · By Coryanne Ettiene

Cascarones…  go on, say it slow and let it roll of your tongue. Cascarones, Cascarones, I’m crazy for Cascarones, this Easter.  These delicate glitter and confetti filled eggs are simple to make and are sure to put a spring in your Easter step this year.  Unlike traditional Easter Eggs, these festive eggs are a Mexican tradition used at carnival times and meant to spread good cheer.  In my latest video for AOL produced by Sam Henderson at Savour Imagery, I show you just how simple they are to make. Watch it here.

How to make carscarones by Coryanne Ettiene

You’ll need tissue or gold foil for the seal, a bit of clear drying craft glue and traditional egg dying tools to adorn them.  The trick is use a spoon of tap off the top of the egg and drain the egg (perfect excuse of cheesy scrambled egg if you ask me) and rinse them well before drying for 24 hours.  I typically turn them upside down in a egg crate to ensure that they dry well on the inside.  Once dry, adorn them any way you like, and then allow them to dry again for 24 hours.  Then the fun part:  once dry fill them with glitter…. and if you are feeling flush a dollar bill for an added treat.  Then use a square of gold foil or tissue paper and clear drying craft glue to seal the top shut.


Not sure how to use them?  Replace your traditional Easter eggs with Cascarones — there is no better hunt than one that ends in a glitter festival! Or use them as place settings for a festive table top.  Really anything and everything because once you start cracking them, you simply can’t stop.


Simple Cascarones by Coryanne Etiene

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