Broiled Parma and Brie Tailgate Sandwich

October, 2015 · By Coryanne Ettiene

We all love a grilled ham and cheese sandwich, but with a few shifts to your ham and cheese, you could have a broiled Parma and Brie tailgate sandwich that will keep your game day guests equally excited for the game, as for the menu.   Whether you are hosting a homegating party or turning your tailgate into the ultimate buffet table, one thing remains the same, your guests will be hungry for a twist on the classic home style fair that is traditionally served, and this simple Broiled Parma and Brie Tailgate Sandwich will hit the spot.

Broiled Brei and Parma Sandwich by Coryanne Ettiene

Never one to miss an opportunity to par-tay, I love this time of year when you can bring everyone together under the casual umbrella of team sports. No matter how I spin it, there always seems to be a split of those who have come to watch the game, and those who have come to eat; which is why my menu is so important – if you have not guessed by now, I’m on the eating team; the sporting team does not want me anywhere near them asking pesky questions and cheering at the wrong time; but I digress.

CBC Toasted Onion By Coryanne Ettiene

Despite being the sort of sandwich you’d find at your local bistro, this tailgate sandwich is so simple, I’m rather embarrassed to even mention it because…well, frankly if you read the title, you know the recipe.

Broiled Parma and Brie Tailgate Sandwich Recipe:

  • Sliver of butter, no more than ½ a Tablespoon
  • Cobblestone Bread Co. Toasted Onion Roll
  • 2-3 Slices of Parma Ham, broiled
  • 2 slices of Brie, cut around an inch wide and 2 inches long
  • ¼ Cup of Argula
  • 2 Tablespoons of your favorite fig jam

I know that everyone is simply gaga for bacon right now but bacon can be messy and so oily, so I take all the mess out of the equation by using Parma Ham. Not only does it cook faster, it is amazing how stunning a thin, crispy slice is when paired with the richness of Brie. And then, lets not forget the bun; it practically seals the deal thanks to those fabulous morsels of toasted onion on top. I lightly browned the roll with a spot of butter to ensure an even browning, and then I slathered it with my favorite fig jam. Layered on the broiled Parma, a few Arugula leaves, and then the Brie and gave it one more broil open faced to ensure that everything melted together in on harmonious melody of tailgate heaven.   Once broiled to perfection, pile them up, stick a pick in them, and call them done.

Perfect tailgating sandwich by Coryanne Ettiene

There really are no tried and true rules for building your perfect Parma and Brie Tailgate Sandwich, but here are a few pointers to ensure that every sandwich your broil is a winner:

  1. Trust me, the CBC Toasted Onion Roll is what brings in all the savory and sweet and makes it so aromatic. But if toasted onion is not your thing, reach for a CBC White Sub Roll, they will offer a nice balance to all the other flavors going on.
  2. Just a dab of butter, don’t overdue it, there will be plenty of gooey goodness going on, so lay it on thin enough to lightly toast the bun;
    Coryanne Ettinee builds the sandwich
  3. Broil the Parma with a watchful eye, it will burn very quickly and without notice if you get distracted. Like bacon, line the baking sheet, line them up single file and then watch as they crisp up to perfection;
  4. To rind or not to rind, that is the question. In truth, I like to leave my Brie rind on there for 2 reasons, it really is a matter of taste preference and I like the taste also, it’s quicker.
  5. For me the perfect bite has 2-3 slices of Parma, a few Arugula leaves, a heavy dose of jam and a thick slice of Brie – it gives a nice balance of bun to ingredients.

Need more inspiration to bring the tailgating experience home? Pop over to AOL for a full game day spread showcasing more CBC inspired recipes from my fellow AOL Lifestyle Experts  by clicking here.

Perfect Sandwich by Coryanne Ettiene

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Disclaimer: Compensation for this post was provided by Cobblestone Bread Co via AOL Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of CBC or AOL.

Broiled Brie and Parma Sandwich by Coryanne Ettiene

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