Breakfast Board Inspiration

July, 2016 · By Coryanne Ettiene

If you are serving breakfast in a bowl, you are so last year darlings.  The new craze is to build a breakfast board:   think cheese board for your morning coffee and you can see why it has become so popular.  The breakfast board is everything I love about nibbling with the added bonus of being exactly what you need when you don’t really feel like cooking but everyone is hungry at 8am. They remind me of my days spent in the Netherlands where breakfast boards were just called breakfast.  You took a little bit of sweet, a little bit of savory and dash of this and a splash of that and served it on a plate with a strong black coffee.

Breakfast Board by Coryanne Ettiene

I’ve partnered with Westminster Cheddar to share my ideas on breakfast board inspiration.  Living in London, Westminster Cheddar was our go to cheddar because of the bold, hearty cheddar taste and texture that each slice offers. Now that we are adopted Texans, I’m excited to have this slice of home in our Texas kitchen.   It is robust and unapologetic about being Cheddar. It crumbles like a firm cheese should and slices perfectly when you want it to; making it the perfect focal point for this breakfast board.  When setting up your next breakfast board, build it around the perfect cheese and follow these simple steps:

Breakfast Board Inspiration

  1. Find the right size board.  Allow for a 4 inch square per person to ensure that no one leaves the board hungry.
  2. Always line your board with parchment paper. This keeps your board in good condition and makes spills, oils and stains a mute point, allowing you to focus on the food and not the clean up.
  3. Build with texture.  Offer a variety of textures, from soft, to creamy, to crunchy to robust.  This allows everything to play well and create variety focused more on just taste.
  4. Consider pairings.  Crackers for cheese, toast for spreads, fruit for cured meats and granola for yogurt…and so on.
  5. Savory and Sweet. Cheddar works so well with both sweet and savory, making it a great anchor for your breakfast board.  Consider how savory cured meats will go with sweet fruit and jams, and how sweet yogurts will pair with fruits.
  6. Encourage finger foods but offer utensils.  It goes without saying that eating with your fingers is nothing short of brilliant, but not everyone would agree. When serving a large crowd, offer utensils just in case.
  7. Wrap it up.  Breakfast boards are perishable so it always a good idea to have plenty of cheese wrap and food storage jars on hand after breakfast wraps up. If you are hosting a party, make extra so your guests can take breakfast to go for the following day.
  8. Key ingredients:  Huge selection of bread items like waffles, crackers, crunchy bread, toast and bread sticks.  Cured meats of any variety.  Spreads that offer both sweet and savory including pesto, whipped cream, berry jam, tomato chutney, and butter.  Seasonal fruits, in summer think melon, berries, cherries, stone fruits, grapes and citrus.  Cheese, as many varieties as you can. Whole nuts like walnuts, pecans, and almonds. A few yogurt options, including one plain with granola topping.

Westminster Cheese Board by Coryanne Ettiene

Disclaimer:  I have partnered with #WestminsterCheddar on this post, all thoughts are my own.  Learn more about their cheddar and connect with them on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.


Westminster Cheddar board by Coryanne Ettiene


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Westminster Cheese Board by Coryanne Ettiene

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