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July, 2015 · By Coryanne Ettiene

Something about summer makes me giddy with anticipation.  There is a certain energy that only comes from the sun that I soak up, and just the smell of summer makes me happy and drunk on love.   I was married in the summer, and some of my best travel memories are summer scented.  But there is always that one summer that lingers in your mind, that wraps you in warmth long after the tans have faded and that you benchmark all others upon. For me, that one summer was last summer when we landed everyone into the car and drove cross country for 2 weeks high on togetherness and with visions of small town American dancing around in our heads.  We arrived to what can only be described as the sort of sauna people pay good money to do yoga in, and met what are now some of our closest friends.   That one summer took a band of wandering nomads longing to return to  London and brought us “home” to our adopted south; sweat stained t-shirts and all.  We learned to love iced tea, to bathe in mosquito repellent and live on the front porch; and if I am honest, let the occasional Y’all slip by without warning.  Summer, no matter who you are, or where you are, always ends with good memories.  The summer issue of Box Nine Magazine is a virtual love letter to summer and free on ISSUU.

#Box9Mag Summer Cover

When we sat down to draft up the summer issue of Box Nine, it was with the mission to capture what we love most about summer, season it with personal memories and bundle it up with grill marks to make it sizzle.  We wanted a hot issue because frankly, summer is about embracing the heat both outside, and on your plate.  We wrote this issue for the jack of all trades and master of none, the inner summer guru who builds the ultimate lemonade stand, longs for a cocktail as fresh as it is strong, and wants to master a grill like a pro while decorative hanging lanterns adorn the night sky.  May this be the summer that that all others are compared to, and may you find something that brings that about within the pages of Box Nine.

There is everything here for your summer including:

  • COCKTAIL RECIPES – Put fresh summer goodness to use in the nicest of ways.
  • WORST CASE SCENARIOS – What to do when summer gatherings go south.
  • TRAVEL TIPS – Hitting the US roadways and taking it global
  • EXPERT GRILLING TIPS – Pages and pages of must have information for grilling.
  • DIY LEMONADE STAND – The last lemonade stand you will ever need.
  • CRAFTS FOR YOU AND THE KIDS – Keep idle summer hands busy.
  • WHAT’S SO COOL ABOUT HOT? – The skinny on hot sauce and salsas.

Be sure to use the “CLIPPING” tool available in the ISSUU reader to clip and pin anything you love to Pinterest. Sam Henderson did such an amazing job on the graphics, it is like eye candy for the summer soul.  Happy reading.

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