How To Dust A Bundt Pan

March 28, 2016

Bundt Pan Dusted by Coryanne Ettiene

I mean seriously, are not singing about big bundts, because I am …..and I should be ashamed of myself for even playing it on Spotify while I type this.  But then, the sun is shining, spring is in full swing and everything is right in the world…so why not go old school and bust-a move while I share with you how to dust a bundt pan?  After all big bundts are better, right?  Mind you so too are itty bitty tiny single serving bundts. But I digress. Back to how to dust a bundt pan. I love bundt cakes because . . .Read More

7 Tips for a Modern Rustic Kitchen

March 22, 2016

Coryanne Ettiene Modern Rustic Kitchen Shelving

Modern Rustic is the new catch phrase blowing up Instagram and Pinterest. You can hardly look at a design magazine or walk into a housewares shop and not see elements of this growing trend on everything from plates to bar stools — but what exactly is modern rustic and what do you need to know to create a modern rustic kitchen?  Unlike other design trends, it blends the cleanliness of modern with the rough edges of rustic, allowing the creator to put a unique spin on it, rather than following hard and fast design rules;  That, and it allows you . . .Read More

I’ve Joined Better Homes and Gardens

March 17, 2016


I’m beyond thrilled to announce that I am a Contributor to Better Homes and Gardens. Even saying it doesn’t seem real, it is one of those milestones I set for myself years ago when I started and looked at every year thinking that next year would be the year.  And then like a knock on the door when you least expect it, I was caught off guard by their request to join their much respected team.  This is the year where all things are falling into place for me:  I’ve rediscovered my domestic groove by finding the perfect balance between work . . .Read More

Easter Leftover Potato Salad

March 14, 2016

Easter Leftover Potato Salad by Coryanne Ettiene

If there is one thing that is for certain, it is that when family comes together to celebrate, the joys of crafting a clever leftover menu always follows; And on certain occasions, I make more than I need because the leftovers can be so heavenly.  Easter leftovers are by far my favorite because of this Easter Leftover Potato Salad, it blends everything I love about sweet, sour, crunchy, creamy, salty and tangy and dishes it up in a single bite. Easter Leftover Potato Salad I’m a sucker for a potato salad. Served warm, or cold, it doesn’t matter, what does . . .Read More

Flea Market and Barn Sale Secrets

March 10, 2016

Flea Market and Barn Sale Secrets with Coryanne Ettiene.jpg

With market season upon us, everyone can use all the help they can get to score the hottest items at the best deals, and my 10 Flea Market and Barn Sale secrets is a list of pro secrets I’ve learned from years of shopping at various markets across the globe, and recently refreshed while touring a few markets in Texas this past year. As I write this, I look around our house that is furnished almost entirely in curious objects found on dusty farm roads, out of backyard sheds or in nondescript thrift stores.  A peek inside my office and . . .Read More

Shanagarry Dressing

March 7, 2016

Shanagarry Dressing by Coryanne Ettiene

The real testament to a true Irishman is his love of creamy rich Shanagarry dressing.  I love the stuff, but I really have no idea how to dance the jig, and have no immediate Irish relatives; oh and  I loved reading Angela’s Ashes and have been known to sip on good dark stout from time to time, so I fancy myself an honorary Irishman; and did I mention that my husband’s grandad is Irish, I’m sure that counts for something, right?  That said, as far as I’m concerned, when you’re an honorary Irishman, you make Shangarry dressing in March. Call it . . .Read More

Roasted Spiced Apples

March 3, 2016

Roasted Spiced Apples by Coryanne Ettiene

Lately I’m a little obsessed with my oven; I think it is because we really did not have a winter to speak of in Dallas and I know that in a few short weeks it will be too hot bake in the afternoon, and soon to hot to bake at all. So I’m I find myself in the kitchen, flirting with my oven when I should be doing laundry, or better yet, walking off the extra pounds my new love of roasted spiced apples has handed me.    I could toss them in a pie, but then, what’s the fun . . .Read More

#IdahoPotatoes Twitter Party

February 25, 2016

#IdahoPotatoes Twitter Party

You’re invited to the #IdahoPotatoes Twitter Party with special guest Toby Amidor for a night of huge cash prizes and recipes that inspire a more nourished lifestyle.  For the last 3 years I’ve been working with the Idaho Potato Commission, and I have always been amazed at the care they take in looking after their farmers, and the families that count on them for their world famous potatoes; which is why when they asked me to host a Twitter Party to celebrate National Nutrition Month, I jumped at the chance to join them. Headlines are always talking about super foods and trending . . .Read More

Green Citrus Ginger Pear Juice

February 19, 2016

Green Citrus Pear Ginger Smoothie by Coryanne Ettiene

I’m late to the juicing party.  Mainly because I’ve never really had the right tools, nor a place to put a huge juicer, but also because, green juice…  no thanks.  Well that was before I spent the greater part of a day trying every green juice possible, then playing with my new juicer in an effort to recreate my favorite elements of each one in the hopes of coming up with a super juice that I would make every day, and presto: Green Citrus Ginger Pear Juice.  Funny enough, it does not taste green. I even put it to the test, . . .Read More

Candied Meyer Lemons

February 16, 2016

Candied Meyer Lemons By Coryanne Ettiene

What’s not to love about a fresh from the tree Meyer lemon?  I mean, I’m a big fan of the ones you buy in the shop, but fresh from the tree, now that is a game changer.  And with a bag of lemons to play with, the first thing I did was whip up a few trays of candied Meyer lemons s and then quickly shared them with everyone within arms reach.  When my dear friend Gina returned from a weekend trip to Louisiana, she brought me a bag of handpicked Meyer Lemons, hours plucked and bursting with a sweetness . . .Read More

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