Bake, Chill, Serve Party Inspired by #CWColor

July, 2014 · By Coryanne Ettiene

We have been living our Dallas life for exactly 15 days now and it feels like we have known our neighbors forever.  In the space of 2 weeks we have attended 4 parties, and hosted 2 impromptu “porch drinks”…one that happened by chance at 11pm last Friday night. Unpacking has taken a backseat to all the fun that can be had within walking distance of our home, but I did manage to unpack a few essentials, and every day a few more items find their way out of a box and into our new home.  Never has it taken us so long to unpack before, but who cares, we are having the time of our lives getting to know everyone.  To return all the fabulous hospitality, we are hosting a reverse “Welcome to the neighborhood party” using my new CW by CorningWare™ dishes*.

But before I bring everyone over, I need to get to know my new oven because I can think of nothing worse than serving baked goods that would have been fabulous had I taken the time to understand how my new oven operates.   The only glitch in all of this is that it is 100F outside, and all my brilliantly big kitchen windows make it 115F in my kitchen….baking, as you guessed, is best done at night once the sun goes down.

#CWColor Pool by Coryanne Ettiene

So let’s recap:  I’ve not unpacked and my kitchen is full of boxes,  I want to serve up a buffet of baked goods but I can’t approach my oven before 9pm for fear of heat exhaustion, and I’m dying to welcome our new neighbors by hosting a reverse welcoming party while we are still “new”.   As luck would have it, the few dishes that I do have unpacked are my new CW by CorningWare™ Pool Blue dishes, a tray of vintage silver spoons, a pile of white plates I found (and adore) from GoodWill and a much loved set of carnival punch glasses and vases.    It may not be the most amazing decorative spread, but I love the eclectic nature of the pool blue dishes, the vintage silver, and bright white plates …simple and effortless when you need it most; and all on my shelf rather that in the boxes on the floor.

#CWColor  Bake, Serve, Chill party by Coryanne Ettiene

I finally landed on the idea of a chilled berry cake, a chilled raspberry oatmeal crisp and a bowl of pie chips because they are the 3 things I’ve been baking nonstop since we arrived.  I can bake them at night, chill them while I sleep, and then wake up to serve them  all without swapping the dishes…presto, the party train continues; next stop, the Ettiene’s!   I used the 3 Quart Casserole dish to bake the raspberry oatmeal crisp because I wanted an inch thick crisp that would allow for even cuts with either a serving spoon or a serving knife.  Baked oatmeal is one of our go-to winter dishes that we always serve warm on cold days.  But on accession when we’ve had left overs, I  stored it in the fridge only to find myself adding ice cream to it as a midnight snack.  So this time, I made a batch just for ice cream.  This is the sort of dish that anyone that is old enough to crack an egg can master, stay tuned for the recipe.

#CWColor Baked Oatmeal by Coryanne Ettiene

The 1.5 Quart Casserole dish held my mixed berry summer cake and it was heavenly.  In the past I’ve used cake pans to make this and every other cake, but not having any cake pans unpacked, I used a casserole dish instead.  Brilliant!  The angels started singing, the birds began chirping and I started shouting, “Who needs a cake pan anyway?”  My recipe for a mixed berry summer cake came with me from England;  it is a mix between a Dutch fruit cake and an Italian Coffee cake… you’ll need some time to get the batter together, but once you get the hang of all the steps, time will fly.  It is heavenly fresh out of the oven, and amazing chilled.  Even better still, you can swap out the berries for any seasonal fresh fruit, so change it with the seasons.

#CWColor Berry Cake by Coryanne Ettiene



I’ve been drinking coffee out of my Pop-Ins® mugs, they are the perfect size for sauces which is why I wasted no time making a fresh compote and pie chips to fill them with.  And when I say I wasted no time, I mean it… they are the perfect party trick not only because they are irresistible, but because they take 10 minutes to prepare.  I wanted it to look like I made a huge effort so I spent an extra minute playing with a cookie cutter to give them perfect edges; get the recipe here.

Pie Chips by Coryanne Ettiene for #CWColor

*Disclosure:  I have partnered with CW by CorningWare™ to bring you ideas on how to host a cool summer baking party inspired by my love of their new “Pool” blue shade .  Check out all the colors by following #CWColor this summer and see how the Lifestyle and Entertaining experts below show their true colors!  Be sure to visit World Kitchen to see all the colors and styles of CW by CorningWare™ or stop into your local Target where they are currently being featured.   Plus, connect with CorningWare® on Facebook ,  Instagram , Twitter and of course Pinterest for much more!



What I’m loving about the new CW by CorningWare™ line:

  • Both bakeware and serveware so one dish means less stress, less mess….more fun!
  • Most durable ceramic bakeware available, which means they resist chips, breaks and scratches…great for busy families like mine.
  • Fun, mix and match vibrant colors for your table…giving your table a festive feel without even trying.
  • Pieces nest together for compact storage…anything that nests without chipping or breaking is a win, win in my books.
  • Affordable and versatile, so you save money…the dishes go from oven to table without cramping your style.

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