Backyard Glamping Made Easy

May, 2014 · By Coryanne Ettiene

Truth be told, I have only camped twice in my life.  The first time was in my 20s at the Grand Canyon where I counted the hours until sunrise when I could get in my car and drive home; and the second when I was a new bride traveling across Morocco where everything was rose tinted and magical.   I am not outdoorsy, and avoid camping at all cost… that is until we moved to our home in Seattle where we found ourselves lucky enough to have a ready made campground in our back yard.  We’ve spent plenty summer nights around our little campground, and thanks to my husband, the children have embraced camping under our suburban stars with gusto.  Which is why this summer I am banishing my “I don’t camp” mentality and embracing a softer, more glamorous side of camping so that I can join them by the campfire without spoiling the magic of a night under the stars.

Backyard Glamping by Coryanne Ettiene

Even if you don’t have a campground or a fire pit to keep you company, setting up a glamping weekend in your back yard is simple and will most certainly make for memories that will be cherished forever and always.  After you pack your down comforter and silk pajama’s, embrace the camping spirit with a few personalized touches to give your night under the suburban stars the perfect blend of glamor and the great outdoors. In my latest feature for Celebrations.com I offer my tips, recipes and ideas for embracing backyard glamping, including my top 5 things to pack.   As much as what you pack is important, so is what you serve.  Here are a few ideas to turn your everyday s’more into a glamping favorite.

SmoreShots by Coryanne Ettiene

Try something new.  Set up an experiment station by adding a collection of sweet and savory crackers, cookies, various chocolate bars, and different kinds of marshmallows, and see who can come up with the best creative s’more recipe.  We tried this last year and discovered our favorite s’more — Saltine crackers, peanut butter cups and a big white marshmallow.

Snack on it.  Mix up a batch of s’more trail mix for light snacking.  Simple to make, you can even get the children involved in making it.  Get the recipe in my latest Celebrations.com feature.

Serve them cold.  Don’t just roast them, freeze them.  I love serving chocolate campfire shooters …if you can make a popsicle, you can make these.  Fill them with chocolate milk for a family friendly treat, get the recipe here.

Give your S’mores some style.  Setting up a backyard glamping weekend means that you need to get creative with your activities, which is why we always set up a ‘create your own’ skewer table.  This allows everyone to design a personal skewer and keep those sibling arguments over sticks at bay.  I show you how to make them here.

On Monday June 2nd I will be on NewDay Northwest sharing my tips for setting up a backyard glamping activity.   Plus quick and healthy glamping breakfast ideas to re-charge you after a night spent outdoors fueled by chocolate and marshmallows, like these Honey Bunches of Oats Morning Energy Cinnamon Breakfast Bars.


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