Almond Cherry Lunch Balls

August, 2012 · By Coryanne Ettiene

As I write this the Phineas and Ferb theme song plays in my head reminding me that there are 104 days of summer vacation.  We started our summer vacation in May with clear blue 110F Arizona sunshine pelting us while we splashed in the pool and will be ending it with a misty Washington September morning blanketing the path towards our new school gates.  The excitement of  a new school, new friends, new routines and frankly the end of “Mummy Day Camp” has us all giddy with back to school fever.  So much so, that we have started experimenting with new lunch box ideas, breakfast recipes and after school snacks…frankly this is really just an extension of “Mummy Day Camp” the cooking school, and we might explore the gardening school next week as we pull at straws to keep us all entertained, active and busy for the remaining 22 days of summer vacation.

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Chef Chad Sarno, the Senior Culinary Educator and R&D Chef at Whole Foods who helped create and launch their Health Starts Here initiative.  While everything about his passion for encouraging children to embrace healthy eating was brilliant, I was most impressed that he managed to get me to try a Kale Smoothie and I found myself longing for a second helping.  The powers of his culinary magic did not end with Kale, he made truffles taste like donuts…..the true sign of a culinary rock star.

I took his recipe Oat Cocoa Truffles and turned them into my recipe for Almond Cherry balls because my pantry dictated that I use my imagination…… They took 5 minutes to make and lasted all of 5 minutes, so a second batch was quickly made and then mixed in with flour to create a jazzier version of  Rhubarb Crumble.   These rolly polly balls of joy will most certainly be part of our lunchtime routine this September.




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