A Christmas Bird House

One of my daughter’s first Christmas memories is of building a Christmas house using custard cream biscuits and peppermint icing. Every year we gather around a kitchen table bursting with sweets, cookies and frosting to relive the magic of that first Christmas house, and as much as I would love her to remember us whipping the frosting and unwrapping the sweets, Margeaux remembers that we used an empty beer box as the foundation because I burned the gingerbread…not quite the warm fuzzy moment you want remembered year after year, but then, nothing in life is picture perfect.  In an effort to create a picture perfect memory, we are embracing a new tradition this year ….. the Christmas bird house.  Make your own version and read more about my Christmas Bird House on Celebrations.com 

Photo by Coryanne Ettiene | Courtesy of Celebrations.com