7 New Ways to Design a Wooden Kitchen

April, 2013 · By Coryanne Ettiene

I have survived nearly 4 kitchen renovations in the last decade, all of which involved stripping my kitchen of wood and embracing more modern elements like concrete, rubber, and heavy metals.  I was never a fan of wood in a kitchen, often failing to see the natural beauty of this hard wearing material, and never quite finding the balance between my modern tendencies and this classic kitchen finish…until now.  Long gone are the days where wooden kitchens equate to simple country kitchen design, the latest trend in wooden kitchens comes in a variety of elements that work to both accent and define a kitchen style.  In my latest WSI Cultivate feature I highlight some of my top finds for designing a contemporary wooden kitchen that has me considering a new kitchen renovation project where wood plays a central role.   Click here to read the full article or click here to browse my collection of design stories for WSI Cultivate.

Photo Courtesy of West Elm & WSI Cultivate

7 Ways to Design a Wooden Kitchen by Coryanne Ettiene  |  Other stories for WSI Cultivate by Coryanne Ettiene

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