6 Small Kitchen Organization Tips

May, 2016 · By Coryanne Ettiene

Exactly 28 days ago we moved from our 4K square foot home to our much longed for 1500 square foot cottage, and quickly dubbed our little house #EttieneCottage.  It’s not tiny by tiny house standards, but when you consider 5 people living in 500 square feet each we are living as small as we comfortably can.  In the last month, I’ve learned a great deal about small kitchen organization, mainly:  mainly what I really need and want in my kitchen, and how to get creative in keeping those big items that I simply can’t live without.  I’ve never been a dab hand an organization, but when you have a small space packed with large essentials, you quickly start to look for clever ways to master small kitchen organization.

Tiny Cook Station by Coryanne Ettiene

By far the biggest noticeable difference in our new kitchen is the lack of working counter space.  I have a whopping 30 inches to play with next to my range so I need it to work as both a cook station and prep station, while also being my landing spot for every day items that I need within arms reach when I’m cooking:  salt pig, sugar shaker, oils, crock full of hand tools, trivet, cutting board, serving tray and my new treasured magnetic knife strip.

6 Small Kitchen Organization Tips

  1.  Salt Pig.  I’ve had this salt pig for nearly 15 years, and despite it being far too big for this tiny kitchen, I can’t live without it.  On the flip side, having a large salt pig means that I don’t need to worry about salt storage, saving me valuable storage space elsewhere in the kitchen.  Stacking it on the trivet just makes sense.
  2. Trivet.  Laid flat or resting up right, every kitchen needs a trivet.  And placing it next to your range is the best place for it.  Rather than having a collection of them, stick with one that is sturdy and functional like my cast iron one. It not only functions well as a trivet, it looks pretty on my cook station. Win win.
  3.  Vintage Shaker.  I’ve turned this salt shaker into a sugar shaker because I love the way it looks and it takes up less space than a store bough shaker.  You can do the same with flour, spices or even cocoa powder.
  4. Tray.  Serving trays are great for framing a storage and work station.  This walnut tray is a favorite of mine that rarely gets used outside of the holidays so we have put it to work here as a hold all for my cook station.
    Small Kitchen Hack by Coryanne Ettiene
  5. Crock.  Using a sturdy crock as a utensil holder is a saving grace for small kitchen organization.  I’ve had this crock in my life since I was a child reaching for sugar in my grandmothers kitchen.  In our old kitchen is was small and misplaced, now in this new space, it is perfectly sized and used every day to hold those wooden spoons and whisks that won’t stick to my magnetic knife strip.
  6. Magnetic Strip.  It’s a knife strip, but really it is a magnetic strip which means that anything my favorite tools can rest there, not just my knives.  Silly little kitchen hack I know, but seriously, it is a game changer when every inch of your kitchen needs to be useful.  With every cooking essential I have on display for the world to see, one thing is for certain, I’m getting rather picky about keeping the items I love and donating those I don’t.


Over the next few months, I’ll be sharing tips for downsizing and living in a small house on the #EttieneCotttage feed across social media and here on the blog.  Most of the items shown are either heirloom treasures or old pieces from the past, but the kitchen tools you can find at Ettiene Market and the magnetic strip from the Container Store.

Small Kitchen Hack by Coryanne Ettiene

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