5 Tips for a Sizzling Summer Party

May, 2014 · By Coryanne Ettiene

I remember those festive parties from years long ago when the biggest element of planning was how much booze to have on hand and if our tiny London flat was big enough to hold everyone invited.  Now, a party at our house is focused on keeping the children entertained so the grown-ups can let their hair down at a party that entertains everyone, young and old. Truth be told, I don’t miss those child free parties of my youth because hosting a party that is family friendly makes for more memories and bring families together ….so long as you keep everyone entertained and feeling welcome.

Thai Sauce in Jars by Coryanne Ettiene

  1. Happy Children make Happy Parents.  In the 10 years I have been hosting family friendly parties I have seen it all, and if there is one thing that holds true, happy children, make for happy parties.  Children are by far the hardest guests to please, so before planning your next party plan something for these young, easily bored guests to do, like a treasure hunt,  bouncy castle, a good old fashioned sack race or even build a cardboard fort.  For more ideas check our my tips on Celebrations.com.
  2. Be a grill master.  What summer party is not without a few BBQing disasters?  The most common and most avoidable is to make sure you have enough fuel…   nothing kills a BBQ faster than a cold grill.  Grilling disasters happen to everyone, avoid the top 5 grilling mistakes by reading my 5 common solutions to common BBQ disasters on Celebrations.com and read my latest blog post on how to grill like a pro here.
  3. Simplify your drinks.  An ice chest full of bottled drinks is by far the easiest option, but can often lack a decorative party feel.  Instead, shop at your local thrift store or farm store and look for steel buckets, old sinks, or go one step further and fill a canoe with ice and bottled drinks for that wow factor.  And  when you want to serve something  beyond the standard bottle, offer a drink that can be served as both a cocktail and a mocktail like my Strawberry Daiquiri recipe on Celebrations.com.
  4. Consider the elements.  Don’t let the hot sun, cool nights or flying pests ruin a good party.  Instead, be prepared by arranging seating in the shade, have bundles of blankets and pillows that can be used as additional seating or for cool winds, and have a bug station where your guests can apply repellent as needed throughout the party.
  5. Party Favors.  Who doesn’t love a good party favor; especially one made by hand?  I love making batches of BBQ Sauce, chili oil, infused salts/sugars or dipping sauce and passing them out at the end of a party.  When time is not on your side, whip up a simple batch of infused sugar/salt — or better yet, have your children help you.  Read how simple it is in my infused salt blog post here.  Or get the recipe for my sweet chili dipping sauce on Celebrations.com.




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