5 Things to Do in Your Kitchen this Winter

January, 2013 · By Coryanne Ettiene

Photo Courtesy of West Elm & Cultivate.com

The winter kitchen is more than hearty stews and roasts, and while the aroma of a slow cooker simmering on the counter top practically beckons you into the kitchen on a cold frosty day, design is just as integral to creating a fabulous winter kitchen.  As I walk across my cold slate kitchen floor, I am reminded daily that I should have installed underfloor heating in my kitchen long before the first snow flake fell, but it is not to late for me to put on a pair of thick wool socks and tackle the other projects that will make my winter kitchen more inviting over the coming months.  Lighting is high on my priority, as the days quicken and the sky is heavy with overcast cold winter light, I am confident that we can turn the gloom of my winter kitchen into a haven for light….that way we can celebrate the food we cook not only with our stomaches, but also with our eyes.

Read more about the 5 things you should do in your kitchen this winter in my recent Cultivate article for Williams – Sonoma by clicking here.


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