5 Post Christmas Party Ideas

December, 2011 · By Coryanne Ettiene

Looking for reasons to keep the party going?  Or simply just trying to catch up with friends that you missed over the holiday season? Here are 5 reasons to open your door and play hostess in January.

Hair of the Dog Brunch:  So many parties so little time over the New Year, by adding a “Hair of the Dog” brunch to you entertaining calendar you can enjoy a festive night out on New Year’s Eve and still entertain the following morning with a brunch that offers one last toast to cap off the entertaining season.   Offering a brunch with tangy Bloody Mary’s, breakfast casseroles and plenty of fresh bread to soak up the Champaign from the night before is the perfect way to start 2012.

End of Advent Cocktail Party:  Wind down the holiday season with an Advent Cocktail party on the 6th of January.  Why take down all the holiday trimmings alone when you can enlist your friends to help you box up your ornaments and finish off the last remaining loaves of Fruit Cake?  Offer a sampling of your left over Christmas chocolates, cakes and sweets and pair with a few holiday cocktails to send the holiday season off in style.

Misfit Toys Dinner Party:  With so many of us spending the holiday season away, it means that we rarely have time to celebrate the holidays with our dearest friends.  Invite your closest friends over to share their holiday stories and exchange their worst holiday presents in a Misfit Toy Dinner Party.  Each dinner guest brings a misfit gift that they received over the holidays, wraps it up and offers it to the host to pass out over dinner.  This is a great way to laugh about the mishaps of the holidays and keep the holiday season going long after you take down the Christmas Tree.

Holiday Left-overs Pot Luck:  Rather than eyeing up the mince pies in your fridge or the half bottle of Sherry that you opened at Christmas (and are likely not to touch again until next year), host a holiday left-overs potluck and invite your guests to empty out their pantry of all those holiday delights that they are eager to finish off.

Feast of the Three Kings:  Host a dinner party on the 6th of January and celebrate the feast of the 3 Kings and the end of the Christmas season.  Complete with a roast goose, all the trimmings and a spattering of holiday cakes, relive the joys of the Christmas season with everyone you hold dear.  Conclude the night by taking down the Christmas Tree and toasting the occasion with a festive winter cocktail.



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