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5 “Must Dos” for your kitchen this Autumn

As the days get shorter and our stock of fresh summer fruits starts to dwindle as we make room for a orchard fruits, let us not forget that inside, our kitchen is changing and waiting for us to return with a whole host of new living inspirations to create the perfect Autumn kitchen.

Photo Courtesy of Williams-Sonoma |

As I write this I am staring out my office window and looking at an orchard bursting with apples, and everywhere I look Fall produce is whispering sweet nothings as I stroll through the market, but alas, there is more to an Autumn kitchen than what you have baking in the oven.  There are parties to be hosted, cleaning projects to be delegated (one can dream right?), lighting to be adorned and lifestyle changes to be made.  Read my top 5 “Must-Dos” for creating an Fall kitchen on the new blog by Williams-Sonoma and dive into the Autumn season one kitchen experience at a time.