4th of July Finger Foods

June, 2013 · By Coryanne Ettiene

Finger foods make the party, or so they do in my estimation.  There is something so casual and welcoming about being offered bite size nibbles while you mingle amongst friends, and when they come with a theme to capture the spirit of the party….they are that much more delightful.    This 4th of July, I am embracing my love of finger foods and giving them my own patriotic twist.  Not every 4th of July party needs excessive amounts of food coloring to pull of a patriotic feel — there is fresh inspiration is the bounty of produce lining the shelves this season, think blue berries, cherries, grapes, watermelon, star fruit,  tomatoes, beats, and  cabbage to name a few.  And think beyond the color spectrum by incorporating American favorites like pies, tacos, sandwiches, grilled dishes and salads to your menu.  When planning your 4th of July party spread, think about what American dishes inspire you, and use that to build a festive menu.

My recent 4th of July finger foods menu for Celebrations.com is so simple to make, you’ll feel more like a guest than a host. It is full of the standard red, white and blue fan fair that you’ve come to expect with this celebration, but with a nod to my passion for fresh ingredients.  In between my color theme, I also packed a few twits on traditional party favorites that capture what I love most about American cooking.  From simple patriotic touches like star cut tortilla chips to crowd pleasing mini BTL sliders and red velvet ice cream cake balls  Regardless if you are playing host, or looking to bring a party packed guest dish, there is a party waiting to happen in each recipe.   Read my full a full line up of 4th of July recipes by  clicking here.


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