4th of July Cranberry Sorbet Recipe

June, 2014 · By Coryanne Ettiene

This July marks our 4 year anniversary of living in the US and it seems like each year we are becoming more and more acclimated to life in US.  No one asks for biscuits or to watch the tellie anymore; in fact, last week I asked Sawyer to check the post and he reminded me that it is a mail box. Apart from my English husband, the only one with any hint of being born in England is darling Margeaux whose love of  Dr. Who and Harry Potter has suddenly created a curious “Yankee Brit” dialect that reminds me of the little girl she once was.  So as we tie our All American bunting, fire up the grill and light our sparklers this year, we are also serving up a grand old American feast complete with US Cranberries for pudding.

Cranberry Sorbet by Coryanne Ettiene

Summer and sorbet go hand in hand, and unlike making ice cream, you don’t need an ice cream maker to make sorbet because it  finishes beautifully with, or without one. I love cranberry sorbet anytime of year, as America’s original super fruit, it is packed with health benefits, and offers a tartness that your guests won’t be expecting in the summer months.   The trick with making a smooth and polished cranberry sorbet is to add an egg white to the blend, and use either fresh or frozen cranberries.   In my latest Cooking With Coryanne Series for iFood.TV I show you how simple it is to make Cranberry Sorbet, get the recipe and watch it here.

Cranberry Sorbet Recipe by Coryanne Ettiene

Because there are a few cooling stages when making a sorbet, allow yourself 2 days before you plan to serve it to allow your sorbet to rest and set properly.  I use bread loaf tins for setting sorbet, but you can use plastic airtight containers as well. The beauty with using loaf tins is that they keep the sorbet cooler for longer on those hot summer days when all you want to do is set up a tasting table without your sorbet melting.  A huge thanks to my tasting crew… this recipe is “Margeaux and Alex approved”…in fact Margeaux likes it so much, she made her own batch when she polished off mine.

Cranberry Sobert Photo Shoot by Coryanne Ettiene

This recipe is so versatile that I often make 2 batches so I have plenty left over for ice pops and party punches. Get the recipe and watch me whip up a batch of  my Cranberry Sorbet Sangria on iFoods.TV here.  I’ve teamed up with my favorite hostesses Dawn and Elizabeth from the PartyBluPrints Blog, together we are putting a festive summer spin on serving cranberries this summer.  Pop over to their blog for more inspiration on how to get your “Cran On”, included a free Summer PartyBluPrint by clicking here.   For more information on how to use US Cranberries in the summer, visit them online, or  tweet  them.

US Cranberries

Disclaimer:  US Cranberries is a client of mine, and I am working with them to promote healthy eating choices this summer; all thoughts expressed in this promotion are my own.  

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