Live with Coryanne and …. Jennifer Farley

#LiveWithCoryanne and Jennifer Farley

Our ice cream maker has been tucked away for months now, and the sound of the “urrr, urrr, urr” is a distant memory that when recalled, makes me hungry for ice cold, creamy goodness thick enough to eat with a fork even under the hot summer sun.  I’m a sucker for ice cream, always have […]

Vanilla Blueberry Pie – a #BakeForGood family recipe

Vanilla Blueberry Pie by Coryanne Ettiene

Pie.  Glorious Pie.  They really should write more songs about pie because when you put a spoonful of pie in your mouth, you feel like singing…..or is that just me?  When the late spring berries start piling up in our local market, I can’t resist stocking up and turning them into pies and crumbles.  While […]

10 grilling tips for a fabulous BBQ

10 BBQ and Grilling tips by Coryanne Ettiene

We love to BBQ.  Wait let me rephrase that, I love it when my husband BBQs because it means fewer dishes and amazing food.  Rain or shine, we are always grilling something….from pizza, to fruit, to full blown summer time feasts.  Our BBQ is an extension of our kitchen, and our main producer of family […]

Live with Coryanne & Sam from Today’s Nest

Live with Coryanne & Sam Henderson

I’m giddy with excitment  to share my new Live with Coryanne series via youtube and Google+ , and what better way to kick off this new series than with the ever so talented Sam Henderson, the Creative Director of Today’s Nest who embraces the motto ”savor life”.  I love his approach to modern living, his recipes, […]

Classic Chocolate Cake Recipe

Slices of Chocolat Cake By Coryanne Ettiene

At some point in my life I fell out of love with chocolate and then I was coaxed into a chocolate shop in Belgium and found myself sampling enough chocolates to put 20lbs on me.  It was that moment that I fell back in love with the rich, slightly bitter, ever so sweetness of chocolate. […]