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Simple Candied Pansies for Easter

How to Candy Pansies by Coryanne Ettiene

Simple is such an over used word, but really, when something takes no skill, hardly any time and has amazing results, I struggle to find a better fitting word.  Candied pansies, or any edible flower, is effortless.   They look complicated and artfully crafted, but simplicity is not only what makes them so stunning, it […]

How to sew an apron

How to sew a drop cloth apron By Coryanne Ettiene

In the last 10 years I’ve had a sewing machine stored deep in the back of a closet collecting dust because I simply could not figure out the bobbin.  Call it stubbornness, but I opted to hand sew everything rather than read the instructions.  Even the thickest of fabrics or the largest of projects had […]

Brown Rice Farina Spiced Apple Cereal for #BRMBreakfast

#BRMBreakfast Bobs Red Mill Breakfast by Coryanne Ettiene

Breakfast in our house is as predictable as the rising sun.  Our mornings are quiet, almost robotic with only the sounds of the kettle bubbling and cold cereal cascading into bowls echoing across the room.  We are together, but lost in our own early morning thoughts. It reminds me of the calm before the storm, […]

Quick Mincemeat Recipe

Quick and simple mincemeat recipe by Coryanne Ettiene | Perfect on toast, on baked pears or in your oatmeal.

Quick mincemeat recipe… as in, quick to make; but to really enjoy it, you have to wait a few days, even a week before it really dances on your tastebuds.  Traditionally mincemeat is associated with Christmas, but in our kitchen, mincemeat is like a winter houseguest that lingers until the first spring sunrise because we […]

Must Have Cookbooks

A collection of much loved cookbooks by Coryanne Ettiene

I grew up in a house where cookbooks were read like novels and only the best were adorned with dog eared pages and pencil markings.  I’ve only noticed that I’ve taken this tradition to new levels when I reached for my most treasured cookbook and found pages stuck together with batter, text splattered with various […]