Live with Coryanne & Sam from Today’s Nest

Live with Coryanne & Sam Henderson

I’m giddy with excitment  to share my new Live with Coryanne series via youtube and Google+ , and what better way to kick off this new series than with the ever so talented Sam Henderson, the Creative Director of Today’s Nest who embraces the motto ”savor life”.  I love his approach to modern living, his recipes, […]

Classic Chocolate Cake Recipe

Slices of Chocolat Cake By Coryanne Ettiene

At some point in my life I fell out of love with chocolate and then I was coaxed into a chocolate shop in Belgium and found myself sampling enough chocolates to put 20lbs on me.  It was that moment that I fell back in love with the rich, slightly bitter, ever so sweetness of chocolate. […]

Join me in the kitchen

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When I started this whole fabulous journey into growing my business,  I remember blindly calling  up a talent agent looking for advice.  Looking back it was a wholly wild thing to do with only a few months of experience behind me, not to mention I had no clue what I was really looking for other […]

Spring Smoothie Recipe

Flu Buster Smoothie by Coryanne Ettiene

I’m a bit of a drama queen when it comes to colds, so much so that my husband calls me a delicate flower at the first sneeze.   I go into hyper drive disinfecting everything in my home, trying in vain to banish every germ that lands in our kitchen for fear of getting a […]

Family favorite potato recipes

family favorite potato recipes by Coryanne Ettiene

I must admit, I never pass up a french fry or potato chip…  my salty cravings always get the best of me, but there are so many other ways for me to satisfy my cravings for salty potatoes, and in my new Idaho Potato Commission series I’m sharing some of my favorite mid week potato […]

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