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Christmas Sugar Cookies

Box Nine Magazine Cookie Fries By Sam Henderson

Whoever said “no one likes a know it all” never met a Cookie Guru.  Everyone should have Cookie Guru in their email signature and leave a trail of sugar lips in their wake. Cookies blanket your home with the aroma of love, turn dull moments into cherished memories and make fast friends out of strangers.  Cookie Guru’s make the world a […]

How to make Christmas salt dough ornaments

How to make salt dough by Coryanne Ettiene

Christmas is a sensory experience, and when you break it all down to sight, sound, touch, taste and aroma, there is not a single element of this festive season that cannot be traced back to the Christmas tree. As our family grows, so too does our Christmas tree tradition. What started with a simple “My […]

Roasted Rose Petal Beets

Rose Roasted Beets by Coryanne Ettiene

I know very few jokes, and the ones I do know, I over use.  Strangers think I’m funny, but that is only because I use up all my good jokes in the first meeting.  By the time we have our second ‘date’ they are, in all honesty,  old and tiresome.  The way I see it, […]

Holiday Donut Tree

How to build the #Box9Mag Donut Tree by Coryanne Ettiene

If you are looking for a last minute Christmas party that will fit in with the chaos of the season….  host a Christmas brunch.  Somewhere between endless evening invitations and the long lingering holiday lunches we all love stands the neglected hour of where rules are forgotten.  Sugar dusted donuts and savory bacon linger on […]

No Kid Hungry Fundraiser


In my twenties I had a wanderlust that took control of my better judgement and took me to the most unlikely of places across the globe.  No matter how impoverished the area, one thing I knew I would hear was the sound of children laughing.  I was too young to understand it at the time, […]