10 Little Cupid Approved Valentine’s Day Treats

February, 2013 · By Coryanne Ettiene

There are moments in life when eating healthy goes out the window, and Valentine’s Day is one of those moments in our kitchen.  I set aside all my rules for cooking with real food, and turn our family kitchen into a haven for sugar highs, giggles and sweet memories that allow us to eat with reckless abandonment, feast on confections that normally would never grace our counters and get carried away by the fun that can be had when let your children play Cupid in the kitchen.  What I love most about this experience is that when you let your guard down and let processed foods into your lives, you can see and hear the testament to healthy eating, even when your stuffing marshmallow whip into your mouth; because in between all the giggles are whispers of “Oh, that is sweet” or “That would taste better with fresh fruit” uttered from the mouths of children who can taste the difference between real food and processed foods….and nothing feels better in this world that hearing children look for ways to add healthy choices to a menu that is anything but.


When Celebrations asked me to create a line up of Valentine’s Day treats for little cooks, I let my children help plan the menu and guide me in the kitchen. We embraced the menu with an eye for sugary, gooey, and pink party foods, held tight to our tradition of sweet delights and then let our sugar high fuel the giggles that ensured for hours following our Cupid inspired kitchen adventure.  From ice cream cakes to sweet heart love nests to bleeding hearts (these are for when the children go to bed darlings), we created 10 Valentine’s Day recipes that anyone from the age of 4 can create with ease.  Find the full line up of recipes on Celebrations.com and let your little Cupid whip up some Valentine’s Day magic in your kitchen this week.

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