10 Holiday Punch Recipes

October, 2012 · By Coryanne Ettiene

I often wonder how I will reflect on my childhood holiday memories as time pulls me further from that 6 year old girl shaking her presents on Christmas eve, and my love of National Lampoons Christmas Vacation (with my near perfect recital of every line) intertwine to create a new set of memories blended with reality and film-making.  The only common link between the two is that in both cases, the drive to create the perfect holiday memory generated the best, but rather unexpected holiday memories.  Together they form the holiday aspirations I long for as I embark on building holiday memories for my children, and individually they remind me that perfection is not something to aim for, but rather simple, traditional celebrations that focus on the people you share them with.

As I approach this holiday season, I am embracing a tradition from my past and serving holiday punch…I gave this relic from my childhood a make over, using fresh ingredients from Whole Foods Market.  This year I will be serving punch with pride at all my holiday festivities to give me more time to enjoy with the people who matter the most.

My eHow series on Party Punch Recipes is full of family favorites like our recipe for Fruit Punch, and plenty of cost saving tips and healthy reminders.   Before reaching for the punch bowl, here are a few tips to ensure that your next party packs a punch.

Punch Bowl Party Tips

  1. Avoid Soda Pop.  Where possible, opt for sparkling water or Italian Soda rather than mainstream soda pop to reduce refined sugars.
  2. Don’t be afraid to go generic.  Stocking a family bar is costly, where possible, reach for the generic brands to keep your costs low.  My entire series was made using 365 products, allowing me to focus on quality, rather than fretting over quantity.
  3. Don’t dilute with water.  Opt for frozen juice ice cubes or frozen fruit to keep your punch chilled without making it watery.
  4. Adorn with dried fruit.  Add a little extra sugar to your party punch by using dried fruit, it not only adds an extra garnish, the sugar from the fruit works to sweeten your punch while it re-hydrates.
  5. Infuse with fresh herbs.  Cilantro, Basil, Rosemary and Mint are fabulous herbs for mixing punches, and if you rub them before adding them to the punch, you release a bouquet of fresh essential oils that will liven up an outdated party punch recipe.

On location in my kitchen filming the Party Punch Series in September.

I could not wait to share my family recipe for fruit punch in the clip below.  However, my favorite recipe is the orange and coriander punch that goes beautifully with a dash of Vodka for when you really want to celebrate; to watch that video, and see the full 10 recipes, watch the entire series by clicking here.

How to Make Homemade Fruit Punch — Coryanne Ettiene for eHow




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