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French Fingerling Salad by Coryanne Ettiene
DIY Monster Doll by Coryane Ettiene
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Roasted Vegetable and Brown Rice salad by Coryanne Ettiene
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French Fingerling Salad by Coryanne Ettiene

Provincial Fingerling Potato Salad

There is beauty in simplicity, especially when it comes to food. For me, the less complicated a recipe is, the more you can focus on the ingredients and when you can focus on your ingredients, that is when the flavors truly come alive. Fingerling potatoes are a testament to this because they require so little attention that you can make even the … [Read More...]


DIY Monster Doll by Coryane Ettiene

Simple Handmade Monster Doll

As long as I can remember I've gone in and out of sewing little treasures.  I dare say, I've sewn nothing that requires a pattern... that would be too much like hard work, which is why I stick with the basics like hand sewn dolls, and the usual suspects like aprons, pillows and bunting. Everything I sew has a rustic look because perfection is too … [Read More...]


10 ways to jazz up lemonade by Coryanne Ettiene

10 Ways to jazz up lemonade

There is nothing better on a hot day than a glass of freshly made lemonade.  But why stop with just lemons?  I love the simplicity of homemade lemonade and how simple it is to jazz it up using basic ingredients that you already have on hand in the kitchen. What's more, you can let it rest all day and when the clock strikes 5, add a little something … [Read More...]


Roasted Vegetable and Brown Rice salad by Coryanne Ettiene

Roasted vegetable and brown rice salad

When I feel like eating, but not necessarily cooking, I make a big plate of roasted vegetables and brown rice salad.  There I said it, I don't always feel like cooking. That's just the reality of life, no matter how much you enjoy cooking, there are days when you'd rather not.  And when those days strike, I let my oven do all the hard work because … [Read More...]